"Payday Loans" and "Installment Loans" in Abilene, Texas

The difference payday and installment loans is quite obvious. A payday loan refers to the loan over a short term commitment and an amount of couple hundred dollars only. This short-term commitment is of few weeks after which you have to return the whole amount with a single finance charge. The amount you can borrow depends on your earnings of only one month.

However, the installment loan is similar to the payday loan in many ways, one of the ways is that you transfer installment every month which is like the payday loan. If the loan of a long period of time, then there will be more responsibility on you to repay every month. Sometimes, a couple of weeks are enough to complete the payday loan. Things can change over the large period of time of installment.

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"What is a payday loan?"

Basically this is just a short-term loan that is designed for people who need cash in a hurry. They do not have decent credit or not even established their credit at all. In that case, it is almost impossible for them to get a traditional loan from a financial institution such as banks. Since the main factors to decide if their application will get approved or not is their credit score, if they don't have a good credit, it is almost no way that they can get the money. So it is really a tough moment for those people that we have mentioned. With the help of payday loans you can borrow whenever you need the money.

The requirements for this loan are easy to fulfill. You just need to be at least eighteen years of age and have a valid checking or a savings account that is in a good standard. Although there is no guarantee that most people have their loan approved, the best thing is to fulfill most requirements to increase the chances of getting their loan approved.

Though earlier it was only the small independent shops which offered the check-cashing services primarily in the payday loan market, now, there are several makers of payday loans. Banks are also increasingly becoming active in the industry. They are providing capital to the payday lenders.

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"What is an installment loan?"

Installment loans are the loans with a long-term commitment in which you can borrow a loan of more than the amount you can borrow in a payday loan. This loan is repaid after a period of time with the interest applied on it. The amount you can borrow in an installment loan depends on your income.

In order to be eligible for this loan, you will have to meet certain conditions. First, of you will have to be more than 18 years of age and holding a valid bank account. You must also have a steady income.

The benefit of an installment loan is that you don't need to provide any collateral. There is no lengthy paperwork involved. Even though the credit score is not decent you may apply for an installment loan because there are no formalities for credit check are involved.

One of the best places to get an installment loan is online. With the help of certain stipulations, you need to fill an online application form and you will get the cash in the shortest possible time.

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